Maps for the “Tomorrow” series of fiction novels

The maps drawn here (accessed via links, see below) were developed to aid readers of the “Tomorrow” series of novels.  They were created by R.B., a reader of the novels. They were not commissioned by either John Marsden or Pan Macmillan Australia and so the maps are not to be considered as representing what the author of the book series intended. Many features described in the novels are included to assist a reader to envisage some possible geographic relationships. The maps are drawn with north towards the top and east towards the right but are not drawn to scale. Texts written on the maps are references to the novels; e.g. [1/10 (4)], the latter example suggests the related material can be found in book No. 1, near page 4 of Chapter 10; (an “e” implies the epilogue in the book).  Some references are to whole chapters.

The maps are saved as Portable Document Format (.pdf) files; separate files relate to the locations/actions in the different books. An additional file (MapsForTomorrow-All.pdf ) contains maps with references to pages in all ten of the books.  There is also a file with Notes outlining some of the considerations used to construct the maps.



                       An example map: Map of outer Wirrawee with some locations/actions described in Book 1.



Below are links to the maps with references to Books 1 through 10 and a link to maps for All 10 Books and a link to “Notes” about the maps:

Book 1 :

Book 2 :

Book 3 :

Book 4 :

Book 5 :

Book 6 :

Book 7 :

Book 8 :

Book 9 :

Book 10 :

All 10 Books :

Notes about the maps : on the maps.pdf